African oil palm

The palm oil industry is currently the world leader in the supply of oils and fats and one of the sectors with the greatest potential due to the versatility of uses and applications of its products, such as cooking oil, special fats, cocoa butter and animal fat substitutes, margarines, cleaning products, soaps, detergents, cosmetics, toothpastes, candles, lubricants, paints, biofuels and electric energy, among many others. 

Colombia is the fourth producer of palm oil in the world and the first in America. According to the FAO, Colombia is one of the seven countries with the potential to grow agricultural production in new areas without needing to deforest, to meet the growing food needs of the world. 

Our company respects the environment and works to conserve biodiversity. We are convinced that the sustainability of this agro-industry is linked to good management of natural resources.