Our plantations are located in two areas of Colombia with a high potential for expansion in Persian lime cultivation: Planeta Rica-Córdoba and Puente Iglesias- Antioquia.

Year planted:

Since 2016.


                    Year round beginning 2019.

Altitude Puente Iglesias:

650 to 850 meters above sea level.

Area planted in Puente Iglesias:

   5 hectares.

Altitude Planeta Rica:

3,000 (potential) tons/year.

Area planted in Planeta Rica:

  70 hectares. 


3,000 (potential) tons/year.

Plantation configuration:



  • Planted variety:
  • Persian Lime or Tahiti Lime.
  • Scientific name:

  • Citrus Latifolia

  • Family:

  • Rutaceae

  • Origin:

  • Planeta Rica / Puente Iglesias

  • Tree:

  • It is a tree that grows between 6 and 7 meters. Short stems, with branches curved towards the ground. The color of its leaves varies between pale green and dark green, depending on the age of the tree. White flowers, very perfumed, with 5 petals and numerous stamens.

  • Fruit:

  • Medium sized, somewhat thin crust, green skin and light green pulp. No seeds.

  • Brix Grade:

  • 9 on average